Our company certified ISO 9001:2000 works in the electronic devices sector, both high and medium voltage devices, carrying out revision, assembly and testing on switches, disconnecting switches, TA and TV transformers and power transformers, moreover we also offer revision and maintenance of medium and low voltage distribution plants. In the last few years we have also trained a team of qualified technicians for the assembly of traditional and reinforced stations 145-220-380 kV (GIS). The founding and current partners are also leading technicians having worked for leading companies in the construction of electromechanical devices such as GALILEO and MAGRINI GALILEO, while the employees also have years of experience in specific electromechanical fields.
The company’s location is Via Cà Oddo 19 in a warehouse that is about 900m2 cover area, 500 m2 semi-covered and 1000 m2 uncovered.


Our main objective is to be able to provide our customers with an efficient and secure service whilst trying to attain the maximum working synergy between the quality of  human resources, tools and monitoring systems.


Our employees are of a proven capacity and reliability, which allows us to offer not only accurate revision work, but also preventative maintenance work. We are able to carry out the assembly and testing of electromechanical devices at the plant with an evaluation of their working characteristics. We take great care in our rapid intervention service, having formed a rapid intervention team to guarantee the greatest assistance both for the devices on which we have performed a revision and for any other necessary maintenance.


At our workplace there is a mineral isolation treatment plant to ensure the various dielectric maintenance cycles with an evaluation of the level of desiccation.
We are also able to remove the gas SF6 when it is liquid as well as refilling and manipulating it through the treatment group of the company DILO with the possibility of measuring the water content of the gas itself.
The testing chamber, which contains a voltage booster, a partial discharge detector and a tangent delta meter, was bought from the company HAEFELY, a Swiss company, which is a leader in this field and guarantees the total reliability of the certification of the tests carried out.


  • Overhead Travelling Crane 3,2 tons
  • Oil isolation plant and measuring transformers with:
    • No.2 AUTOCLAVE 3,5 mc and  10 mbar with a group of pumps for the creation of the vacuum
    • PHENIX voltage booster 0:300Kv-125KvA.
    • HAEFELY partial discharge detector
    • HAEFELY tangent delta meter
    • TETTEX cell for the evaluation of the tangent delta in oil insulator
    • High frequency generator
  • A device to show errors in the connection and angle of the TA and TV.
  • KIT for the diagnosis of the PCB in the oil insulator.
  • A.M.E. OIL TEST 0:80Kv.
  • 30 mc OVEN with a maximum temperature of 80°C.
  • WORK BENCHES to check the electromechanical operation is functioning correctly.
  • Hydraulic PRESS with all the necessary tools for essential mechanical work (drill, lathe, welding torch, cropper, band saw).


For the assembly of the switches, isolators and current and voltage reducers the following items are available at our workshop:

  • Truck with crane, capacity 130q. – crane capacity 52q. – maximum arm extension 15 metres
  • Truck with crane, capacity 50q. – crane capacity 37q. – maximum arm extension 14 metres
  • Pickup truck with crane, capacity 8q. – crane capacity 10q. – maximum arm extension 7 metres
  • Two vans with cabin, capacity 18q.
  • Aerial platform on a truck with space for two people and a height of 19 metres
  • Four mast climbing work platforms with a height of 10 metres
  • Tool boxes equipped with the necessary tools for complete independence, for carrying out the       assembly of any type of high voltage device used by our company and in conformity with current health and safety rules.
  • Vacuum pump 80M3/h
  • Instrumentation for the survey of the nominal working times and speed of the opening and closing procedures:
        A. Portable register of “program” events such as TM 1600 with 16 logic channels and 4 analogic ones
      B. A data acquisition system such as portable mod. LITE made by the company HI-TEC
  • Micrometer such as MOM 600 of the “program” for the measurement of electrical contact resistance in a continual current.
  • An instrument for the analysis of SF6; humidity, percentage of SF6; SO2 in agreement with DPR43/2012
  • Manometer for pressure measurement relative from 0 to 40 Bar in class 0,25
  • Work bench for testing the isolant of the “Chauvin Arnoux” from 2,5/5Kv
  • Work bench for testing the isolant of the “Volta” from 5Kv
  • Various instruments for the measurement of the current and voltage in c.c. and c.a.

All the measuring instrumentation described above undergo calibration at certified S.I.T. laboratories.