Rem Srl is a company which specialises in the revision and maintenance of high and medium voltage electronic devices. It offers its customers a rapid testing service of the protection systems in the lines of transmission. As is well known the malfunctioning of these can potentially cause many areas of a plant to close down, it is, therefore, indispensable that the protection systems work properly so as to guarantee the isolation of the broken component and its prompt repair.

Punctual and customised services

Thanks to a team of qualified operators and the use of sophisticated tools of the latest generation Rem Srl works with the greatest precision in the verification of the correct working of the protection systems.

The tests carried out during an intervention can be either digital or analogical, and include protection systems such as range markers, differential, maximum current protection and all other types.

The configuration of the adaptors, switches, measurement devices and all the elements involved in protection can be tailored to the specific needs of the customer to eliminate or avoid breakdowns.

During the initial testing of the correct functioning of the plant all the necessary assistance is given to the customer in the activation procedure, following a schedule agreed in advance.

A reliable service for both security and efficiency of the plant

Rem Srl is a reliable partner for all companies working in the energy industry and guarantees professionalism and competence during the process of testing the protection systems, the assembly and the maintenance and repair of the medium voltage switches and every type of high and medium voltage device.

For more information or to have a free quote we can be contacted on the number 0429782352 or the e-mail address

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