Tests exerts on TA TV power transformers


Tests on TA and TV power transformers are essential to check the stability of the electricity plant. These tests are carried out by Rem Srl’s speciallised technicians who evaluate the correct functioning of the transformers and their conformity with current regulations, in addition to satisfying the expectations and needs of the customer.
Regular testing on power and voltage transformers means, above all, giving the plant a continual and correct operation. Such tests are also recommended to verify the internal integrity of each transformer, both TA and TV.

All the tests on TA TV power transformers

The tests carried out by Rem Srl’s technicians include:

  • Verification of the transformation ratio inside the transformer;
  • Verification of the coil resistance, thanks to which it is possible to measure how much copper is lost during its daily operation;
  • Short circuit testing and avoidance;
  • Tests on the isolation of the transformer and the cables connected to it;
  • Tests on Tan Delta loss, in virtue of which it is possible to evaluate not only the integrity and isolation of the transformer, but also that of the enveloping and passing cables.

The importance and necessity of transformers requires the use of qualified technicians who are equipped with the most up to date tool to test and perform maintenance on every type of power transformer.


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