Rem Srl offers a complete disposal service for high and medium voltage electronic devices, freeing space in warehouses and companies by removing obsolete devices which are broken or no longer usable. The disposal of high voltage devices, exactly like medium voltage ones, is carried out directly at the customer’s place of work and then disposed of according to current regulations.

Advantages of recovering high and medium tension devices

The disposal of medium and high voltage electronic devices gives Rem Srl’s customers various advantages, most importantly from the fiscal side because it free the company of unusable assets.

Secondly, the disposal of high and medium voltage electronic devices frees space and also avoids the lengthy bureaucratic procedures that the disposal of such types of waste always entail. Electric cabins, like reinforced electric cabins, use the gas SF6 which contains sulphur hexafluoride. The correct disposal of this type of plant is essential not only to avoid heavy sanctions, but also to respect the environment.

Recovering all components: from uperare tutti i componenti: from recovery to disposal

Rem Srl recovers every type of high and medium voltage electronic device such as armoured cables, components for stations and cabins, which are appropriately treated so that they pose no threat to the environment in the future. Such compnents can be restored to be used again or disposed of in waste collection centres.

Rem Srl offers customised recovery solutions

To satisfy the needs of its customers Rem Srl proposes specific solutions, planning  the disposal of the high or medium voltage electronic device according to the individual customer’s specific situation or needs. The disposal operation will be tailored for the customer to obtain the highest number of advantages.

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