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High and Medium Volage Maintenance

Rem Srl, by virtue of its long expertise in the field of electromechanical revision, puts at the disposition of its customers its competence in the revision, repair and maintenance of high and medium voltage electronic devices. In particular, the company guarantees a maintenance service for high and medium voltage electronic devices, such as electric stations, substations, electric cabins and switches.

Expertise and professionalism at the client’s service

Rem Srl is a certified ISO 9001:2008 company and uses the most qualified workers in the industrial electricity sector. It assures the highest professionalism in its revision and maintenance high and medium voltage electronic devices, such as the switches which use the gas SF6 as a dielectric insulator in electric cabins and stations or TA and TV transformers.


A company that keeps up with the times

The company also carries out revision and maintenance on medium and low voltage distribution plants and has worked in the renewable energy sector for some years, always guaranteeing the highest competence and professionalism in the installation and maintenance of photovoltaic plants, wind farms and thermal solar plants.

Maintenance service of high and medium voltage electronic devices

The philosophy of Rem Srl is to accompany our clients from the planning phase to final testing and beyond. The company offers a convenient plan of regular maintenance in both ordinary and extraordinary circumstances in order to guarantee the total efficiency of the plant.

For more information or to have a free quote we can be contacted on the number 0429 782352 or the e-mail address or alternatively by coming directly to our office at via Cà Oddo 19, Monselice (PD).

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