To carry out the assembly of high and medium voltage electronic devices it is absolutely essential to use specialized technicians to ensure optimal functionality both from the electromechanical point of view and the capacity of the whole device.

Technology and expertise for the assembly of high and medium voltage electronic devices

The professionals who work for Rem Srl possess the experience, competence and tools which are indispensable for the most precise assembly of high and medium electronic devicesl All the assembly operations for these devices can be carried out both for new installations and modernization or revision of old plants. Among the assembly operations for high and medium voltage electronic devices are grounding systems, construction of foundations and cable ducts and the creation of areas for the placement of the devices.

The company also has the ability to assemble all types of high votage devices such as switches, disconnecting switches, transformers, supports, outlets, high voltage terminal structures, busbar systems and single cable connections or also by tube, binary or even a metal framework.


Assembly of medium tension devices: rapidity and proficiency

Among the assembly systems which Rem Srl’s specialized technicians are qualified to carry out are medium voltage electrical panels, useful for the protection and control of the plant, To this atructure wiring connections of the medium voltage device are also added, such as the installation of the medium voltage terminal, which is indispensable for the connection of the devices to their respective panels. Rem Srl builds electrical plants and wiring of all the associated protection systems.

Rem Srl offers also after assembly assistance

After the assembly Rem Srl continues to support its customers with its expert assistance, which is always available for ordinary or extraordinary maintenance, after which it releases the certification showing conformity with current regulations.

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