Assembly of medium tension switches

Rem Srl is a leading company in the revision, maintenance and repair of medium voltage switches and of every other type of high and medium voltage device. Because of its long experience Rem Srl is able to offer an excellent revision service for medium voltage switches insulated with SF6 gas and which are used outside for the distribution of electrical energy. After the intervention the company offers a regular maintenance service in both ordinary and extraordinary situations performing accurate tests on the previously installed switch.

Control of medium tension switches

The sophisticated working of the switch with the auto compression of SF6 gas entails necessary periodic checks to avoid malfunctions and damage to the structure and surrounding environment. For this reason it is of fundamental importance to ensure a rapid repair service for medium voltage switches and provide constant maintenance. To prevent an electric arc of any other type of problem Rem Srl ensures the greatest care is taken in the assembly of medium voltage switches and offers its clients a rapid revision service to ensure an optimal and continuous operation.

Maintenance of medium tension switches

Rem Srl is a point of reference for the assembly and revision of medium voltage switches. Malfunctions can often arise at the level of the electromechanical controls or the transmission between the controls and the poles: in these cases it is essential to use a leading company in the field such as Rem Srl to identify the most suitable type of intervention and proceed to checking the switch or, in cases where the malfunction has already been identified, to its prompt repair.


Revision of medium tension switches

Rem Srl’s qualified operators are able to repair with rapidity and competence every type of malfunction, identifying the crucial problems and replacing the damaged parts, whether they be valves or terminals or any type of component. During the intervention accurate tests of the medium voltage switch are carried out before moving onto its repair. Rem Srl sees to the assembly of the switch, its regular maintenance and that of every other element installed in the structure.

Revision of medium tension switches

The use of SF6 gas pressurized in the poles of the switch require constant maintenance to be carried out on the medium voltage switch to guarantee it is working correctly, otherwise it could be compromised by a lowering of gas pressure. For this reason Rem Srl ensures regular checks on the switch are carried out and providing for its periodic revision.

Rem Srl offers the leading operators in the electrical energy industry an efficient assembly service for medium voltage switches and takes care of their revision repair and regular maintenance.

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