Revision of high tension switches – REM Srl:
enlarging divices’ life

When one speaks of the revision of high voltage switches it means the renovation of every component in the switch. The revision of high voltage switches will restore it to the point that it will just as if it was new, equipped with a testing certificate and a second lifecycle. To obtain the best revision of a high voltage switch one can’t do better than the competence of Rem Srl’s specialized technicians who have the know-how and experience which is needed to manage every device in the most suitable way. The planning of the procedure for the revision of high voltage switches allows, moreover, for an analysis of the device with an evaluation of the interventions which will be needed to guarantee its continual, correct functioning.

Maintenance of high tension switches – Rem Srl:
for always-efficient plants

The maintenance of high voltage switches is an essential step to ensure a perfectly working plant. Rem Srl applies the most advanced procedures for the maintenance of switches, linking the experience and competence of its technicians to the most up to date technology. The first step in the correct maintenance of the switches consists of an analysis of the system, whether it is worth removing it or mitigating the causes of any eventual breakdowns. After the evaluation of the type of intervention needed we proceed to the planning of the intervention itself, according to the needs of the plant.


Ripair of high tension switches:
expertise halves the wait

The repair of a high voltage switch presupposes a malfunction, the breaking of some components or some such other urgency. In cases which require the switch to be repaired it is vital to entrust the job to the competence of professionals in the field capable of limiting the time in which the plant isn’t working. In order to achieve a thorough repair of the high voltage switch a prior analysis is indispensable to identify the malfunction and to streamline and optimize the switch.

Assembly of high tension switches with Rem Srl:
perfection on assembly

The assembly of a high voltage switch is performed by Rem Srl’s specialized technicians who use specific tool and all their long experience. The expertise and precision used during the assembly of the switches leads to the best result possible. Before beginning the assembly of the switches all  correctly. The assembly of the switches is always planned to avoid unplanned interruptions of the service.

Testing of high tension switches:
always verify the state of the plants

For the testing of high voltage switches it is important to call in Rem Srl’s specialized technicians. The professionals responsible for the testing of the switches test the condition of the components, basing their conclusions on the competence which they have acquired over many years and with regular training to maintain their knowledge of the most up to date technology. Recognizing an imperfection is indispensable during the testing of the switch because this prevents malfunctions which could cause the plant to stop working. For this reason the testing of the switch must only be entrusted to experienced technicians capable of recognizing a malfunction before it happens.

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